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Hardwood Mulch:
Hardwood Bark Mulch is dark brown and fine-textured. When used as a top dressing it moderates soil temperature, suppresses weed growth and conserves moisture. As it decomposes, Hardwood Bark Mulch adds vital organic content into the soil beneath.
Red Mulch
Red Dyed Hardwood Mulch:
Red Dyed Mulch is a long lasting decorative mulch. Made from hardwood mulch, this mulch is dyed red using an iron-based dye that is kid and pet friendly
Black Mulch
Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch:
Black Dyed Mulch is a long lasting decorative mulch. Made from hardwood mulch, this mulch is dyed black using a carbon-based dye that is kid and pet friendly
Pine Bark
Pine Bark Mulch:
Pine Bark Mulch is fresh from the tree, then screened to be a consistent size. This very popular mulch conserves water, suppresses weeds, and moderates soil temperatures. This classic, traditional mulch has a uniform, chunky, red color. The slight acidity of Pine Bark is ideal for Azaleas, Gardenias and other plants. Pine Bark makes a beautiful finishing touch
Bank Sand:
Our sand is a unprocessed/unwashed material mined from multiple locations in the Greater Houston Area.
However, being that it is an unprocessed/unwashed product it is not uncommon to find some clay clods, silt, or other impurities in small amounts.Generally this product is ordered as “bank sand” for bedding water lines or other drainage/utility structures or as “final grade” for smoothing rough graded areas prior to sod or concrete placement.
Mixed Soil
Mixed Soil:
Extremely popular for raised bed planting, consist of bio compost, humus, and screened loam and provides excellent nutrient retention as well as drainage
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