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Bedding Plants

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Bedding plants add an instant splash of color to a garden or flowerbed. They can be planted in hanging baskets, containers or in mixed borders. Friendswood Garden Center offers both Perennials and Annuals.  

Perennials are plants that appear year after year without replanting.  They may die to the ground during part of the year, but return to full form when their season returns.  Ask our Professionals for more details on how a particular perennial will perform in your area.

Annuals are plants which develop from seed, flower, and die in one growing season. Annuals must be planted each season from seeds or transplants.  Annuals can be used in containers, hanging baskets or flower beds.  Mix or match plants in a mass/clump for best color impact.



A very important part of any landscape, shrubs not only provide beauty but help screen, shade and protect your home. Shrubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures ready for you to create a design that fulfills your special needs.

Talk to our staff about your landscaping needs and what shrubs will work best for your yard and garden needs.