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Top Soil with Compost

Top Soil with Compost is a fine-textured blend of sandy loam and compost. It is used as a top dressing on existing soil surfaces before laying sod or planting grass seed. Many use it to fill low spots in turf areas or around sidewalks and driveways. It is heavy and stays in place. Top Soil with Compost is not recommended as a planting medium.


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Mixed Soil
Extremely popular for raised bed planting, consist of bio compost, humus, and screened loam and provides excellent nutrient retention as well as drainage

Our sand is a unprocessed/unwashed material mined from multiple locations in the Greater Houston Area. Generally, the sand will meet specifications which require that no more than 15% of the sand pass through a #200 sieve meaning that the sand is relatively free of fine grained silts and clays.

However, being that it is an unprocessed/unwashed product it is not uncommon to find some clay clods, silt, or other impurities in small amounts. Generally this product is ordered as “bank sand” for bedding water lines or other drainage/utility structures or as “final grade” for smoothing rough graded areas prior to sod or concrete placement.